Hot Air Ballooning

Balloons that travel with the wind, make for one of the most surreal and tranquil sensations of flight. Following the initial adrenaline rush of the takeoff, one could settle down to absorb the wonder of the colorful earth below. Hot Air Ballooning is an adventure activity which floats on an unknown flight path with the breeze 1000 – 2000 feet above. It gives you a view of spectacular sunrise across the Kandalama tank, the fishermen beneath, the mountains, the green forests, the Golden Buddha sitting majestically on one end and Sigiriya on the other. The climate in Dambulla – Kandalama is exceptional for flying balloons, due to its extremely calm and predictable nature. Sri Lanka Balloon Rides generally take place in the early morning (because the weather is more stable), and the average distance we cover, in accordance with the wind speed and direction, is anywhere from one to ten miles.

Destination Description